domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

This boy, that I like.

 -"He's unique. He's smart and an asshole. Weird and wonderful. He doesn't notice when he makes me angry, and makes me furious. Okey, I've poker face power and he doesn't know so well, but he must know what to and what not to say to girl who is trying to like. 
    He's older than me. He must know, I mean he's so sexy  he must know. But I don't know. I, I feel like going home every time I´m near him. I miss him, anyway. I mean now, I´m missing him because I talking about him and his wonderful eyes, his well cut hair, his big arms, his lovely lips..."-*Big smile in my face**Silence**Thinking about him* -"Okey, skin stop NOW!"- * Relax, take a breath and smile. Continue writing.*
  -"He makes me upset every time he talks about other girl. I mean, yeah, we're "FRIENDS", fucking stupid friends, but it doesn't mean I don't care about what he does, or what he stops doing. It's my guilty too by the way. I can't, I really can't ,and it frustrates me, be who I am. The real me. That type of girl he likes. That cool, relax, self confident, skater, a lit bit crazy but funny girl, who loves eating, playing sports, watching football match every Sunday, dressing up in some important occasion, kissing his mouth slowly but with passion, singing on the rain, screaming on the bed, loving him over all.
     I care about him, but for him I'm just a little girl, a "FRIEND", an useless fucking female. I that makes me angry and depress, because I really think I like him after and over all..."-

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